Brian Allan is a professional career artist with hundreds of  
paintings  in  private and corporate collections worldwide.
Allan is a 4th generation native Californian who now
resides in Laguna Beach California. A life long penchant
for the production of new ideas would lead Allan to his life’s
passion - Abstract Painting. A friend and mentor once told
Allan that “ the best ideas have not been thought of yet”
and Allan long ago inscribed those words on the tablet of
his heart. “Creation is all and All is creation” would become
his personal mantra and pattern for existence.

Allan was a gifted child  who struggled with the process of
structured learning. His scattered talents  concerned his
parents who introduced him to competitive tennis in 1966.
An impressive junior tennis career would produce
scholarship offers from across the country. Allan would
elect not to attend college and his career as a
Professional tennis player would be
relatively short lived due to injuries.
Allan would then pursue  an
opportunity in the field of furniture
making. The creative aspects of
furniture design would temporarily
satisfy his need to explore and
create, but would ultimately fall
short and give way to a desire to
express himself from deeper within.
A curiosity about religion and
spirituality would lead him into a
seven-year journey of social
detachment and quest for personal
and spiritual understanding. Living
outdoors in Hawaii in tents and
caves gave Allan the lifestyle that
could sustain his insatiable need
for introspection. It was during this  
period that Allan would design and make his own unique clothing that was conducive during this
episode of self-imposed isolation. This would later lead to a position as a bathing suit and
bodywear designer. Meditation and Mandala Art would lead him into an obsession with geometric
forms and renderings. “For many years I was so obsessed with producing and pondering geometric
configurations that I could think of little else, except how they might relate to the foundation of
creation and life as I perceived it. One night as I gazed into a star clustered sky - I suddenly
realized that my pre-suppositions about the role of geometry were short sighted and had
completely overlooked its inseparable counterpart.” This personal revelation would open the flood
gates to an endless exploration into the genre of asymmetrical abstraction. A vision that embraces
a belief in the symbiotic relationship between two inextricable opposites. The Order of Chaos would
become Allan’s new mantra as he continues to attempt to meld these self perceived primordial
components into a universal commentary. The black circle has become Allan’s unique signature
which is symbolic of this endless cycle of order and disorder “ Pure non-objective abstraction
resides in the realm of the infinite... It does not concern itself with the finite objects most familiar to
the dominant left brain.”